Valentine Special Cooking Class


Valentine’s Day Special Indian Cooking Class 

Cook with your cupid or for your cupid to create a memorable royal valentine’s day  meal. And to top it all you will gain a skill that will stay forever. 

A three course meal to impress and enjoy all made by you . You will learn the simplified way of cooking 4 popular Indian dishes that are classic people pleasure. Here is what you will learn during the class:

  1. Learn about some of the exotic Indian spices
  2. Make a homemade Biriyani Masala that can be used in multiple ways
  3. Become versed with the secrets of making complicated dishes easy to cook.
  4. Cook a make ahead three course Indian meal. 
  5. BONUS – take a sample pack of the spice blend ready to create your own dishes at home. 


⇒ An experienced chef to guide you throughout the hands-on session

⇒ Small class groups where you get full attention 

⇒ Clear all your doubts and ask as many questions 

⇒ Enjoy a home cooked Indian meal 

Class Date: Sunday, 11 Feb 2023 

Time: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm 

Location:  My home kitchen in Aesch, Basel Land

Menu :

  • Homemade spice blend
  • Alu Chat ( Spicy, tangy potatoes served with various condiments)
  • Chicken Biriyani (The dish that found it’s origin in the royal kitchens of the Mughal and Persian empire. A one dish meal of marinated pieces of chicken mixed with fragrant rice)
  • Red raita (A sweet and tangy yoghurt sauce with beetroot and carrots, the colours of valentine)
  • Shahi Kudka (The name literally translates to ‘Royal piece’. Lightly fried brioche spread smeared with smooth creamy milk sauce with dried fruits and nuts) 

Cost: CHF 120 with ingredients and lunch 


Indian cooking classes that simplify spices and make Indian cooking easy! Join me at my home kitchen for an hands-on class or via a fully interactive online cooking session.

Watch the video to see how it works :


STEP 1  Get A Tech  – For us to come to yours, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet or a laptop with a microphone, camera, and an internet connection.

STEP 2 Shop the List – We will send you a list of ingredients required to make the dish. You will need to buy them beforehand for the virtual class.

STEP 3 Get CookingConnect to the video call via the link sent in the booking email. Once connected I will guide you throughout the class. All you need to do is follow my cooking steps as we cook together.  The end result is a home-cooked Indian dish cooked by you for your family.


You can join me in my modern day Indian kitchen for a cooking session where you cook, learn and have fun with others in a relaxed homely environment.

All you need to bring is eagerness to learn and an appetite to eat !

Simply send me an email at or complete the form below to book a place .

The cost for a 5 hours onsite cooking class is CHF 120

Minimum attendance – 3 people

Personalize and socialize – Create your own little private group with friends and have a Indian themed dinner party. Set your own menu and time.  

Just send a message and we will be happy to arrange a personalized cooking session either online or in my kitchen for you.


A while you enjoy your meal, you can feel proud about bringing food to another family in need.

Proceeds earned from the bookings go towards the UN’s Share a meal initiative, dedicated to fight hunger and provide aid to some of the largest food crises in the world.

You will be sent updates on how the donation has been used by the organisation via email.



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