Friday Eat-In Indian – Spicy Chickpea Curry


Its Spicy Chickpea Curry on the Menu for You This Friday!  

Missing Friday- night Indian Take away ?!!But cooking your own favorite Indian   Click and Connect online and cook along with an experienced Indian homecook and make a Spicy Chickpea Curry from the comfort of your home.

It is fun, interactive and makes the task of thinking ‘ What to cook today’ away !

Day and Time: Friday,  20th November 1600 pm – 1800 pm ( Central Europe Summer Time) 
Dishes Learned and Cooked – Spicy Chickpea Curry and Cumin Rice 


Virtual Indian online cooking classes are the easiest and best way to learn and cook a simple Indian dish in your own kitchen and for your family.


STEP 1  Get A Tech  – For us to come to yours, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet or a laptop with a microphone, camera, and an internet connection.

STEP 2 Shop the List – We will send you a list of ingredients required to make the dish. You will need to buy them beforehand for the virtual class.

STEP 3 Get Cooking – Connect to the video call via the link sent in the booking email. Once connected I will guide you throughout the class. All you need to do is follow my cooking steps as we cook together.  The end result is a home-cooked Indian dish cooked by you for your family.


With every step you take, you also get closer to feeding another hungry family in India.

Proceeds earned from the bookings go towards the Feeding India project, a charity organisation dedicated to supporting underprivileged families in India.

You will be sent updates on how the donation has been used by the organisation via email.

It’s that easy to do a good deed!!  

After the cook along session, you will be sent the recipes and recorded video of the class for anytime reference.

If you want someone to take you through each step of cooking Indian food at home without the guesswork and serve your family a homemade Indian delicacy then join me on the other side of the screen.

The cost for a 2 hours cooking class is only CHF 35 

Maximum Attendance – 3 people

Personalize and socialize – Create your own little private group with friends and have a virtual dinner party. Set your own menu and time.  

Just send a message and we will be happy to arrange a personlised virtual cooking session for you.


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