So nice to see you here !

I am Sunrita, owner and blogger at spiceitupp.com.

This online shop is an extension of the blog and my humble attempt to make cooking with spices easy for you.

I have tried to bring together different cooking elements in one accessible place for you to enjoy experimenting with the flavours of the world in the comfort of your kitchen.

Mix and Make Hand-Blended Spice Mixes

I love to play around with spices and make combinations that suit my family’s palette.

Needless to say not all experiments go well. And those which do and are endorsed by many tasters like my husband, kids and friends do I then decide to freeze on the spice mix.

In this webshop I am sharing with you the tried and tested spice blends that takes the guess work of buying the right spices, mixing the correct amount and making the dish away from you.

All you need to do is, get some of the extra ingredients, do a 10 minutes prep, open the pack and cook your dish!!

Each pack will cater to a serving of four for at least 4-5 times. It is such a cost effective way to cook and use without wastage.

Freshly hand-blended in my kitchen to yours !!!

Join And Cook Along Online

If you wish to learn the real deal about cooking with spices but do not know where to start, or overwhelmed by many recipe videos that you have to rewind every time if you missed a step, then the cook along online Indian cooking classes comes to your aid.

You just don’t watch but cook along in these virtual social interactive cooking class. Just get the ingredients and let me be your personal chef to guide you through each step. The result is an authentic Indian dish made by you for your family and friends.

All doubts cleared, no repeats to watch and you come out as a confident cook.

My Learning During Quarantine

The world has now changed during the Covid – 19 era. We learned that sometimes it is good to stop and pause to think how our actions affect the world, we learned that people are social beings no matter how recluse and need company, we learned how divided the world is when it comes to socio-economic standing.

I was born and brought up in India, a place I will always call home. But the recent months has made be realise how blessed I am for the life I have while many suffer.

In my very little capacity to help, I pledge to give the earnings from this webshop to a charity dedicated to support underprivileged families and children in India.

The charity is called Feeding India. 

I know there are others going all out to help the needy but as they say every drop makes the sea. I hope you can join me in my endeavour.

I am here to listen, share and help

Apart from Indian cuisine, I also share my stories on how with the simple use of spices I have introduced different cuisines and flavours to my family with minimal effort!

My posts are my virtual attempt to take you into my kitchen and demystify Indian cooking and uncomplicate the use of spices for you. Here are few from by blog:

How to make Indian food at home – A beginners guide to cooking Indian food

An easy 5 step guide to cook with Spices

25 most common Indian Spices list and their use 

Of course there are recipes, few of which I have cooked up, few traditional and some fusions!!

I absolutely love to see the joy on the faces of the attendees after a cooking class when they make their own dishes and continue to gain confidence to cook Indian food at home.

I sincerely hope you like my attempt at trying to help simplify your culinary cravings for Indian food and join me by sharing some of your thoughts too.

I would love to hear your kitchen stories, tips or concerns. So,  please feel free to write to me at sunrita@spiceitupp.com. 

Till then enjoy spicing it UPP. Lots of Love. Do take good care.